Outdoor Learning Research

Given how many articles and information now exists about the outdoor learning and play, it can be hard to know where to begin to look. There is now an Outdoor Learning and Play Research and Articles Facebook group. This is a good supportive community of practitioners and academics. Please join and follow the instructions in the pinned post to find links to specific websites, news snippets and so on.

The websites listed below are hubs or collections which may also provide a useful starting point. Please contact Juliet if you have other suggestions.

Children and Nature Network

Has excellent summaries of international research concerning the impact of nature on children. This is probably the most comprehensive and accessible online collection.

Creative STAR Delicious

This is where Juliet bookmark’s material relevant to outdoor learning and place. At the top there is a search facility. Type in “research” and all her bookmarked research information will appear (like magic)! It is now archived so I can no longer add to what is here but there’s 800+ links.

Institute for Outdoor Learning

Since July 2017, IOL have developed a research hubs and a page of information and links.

Grounds for Learning

Have a research section in their website that is contains lots of school grounds data and publications.

Learning Outside the Classroom

England and Wales website dedicated to outdoor learning. Its research section has an interesting mix of research and reports.

Nature Art Education

A Finnish research website. Go to the Resources section to see the links to specific arts related articles.

Outdoor Education Research and Evaluation Centre

Has American-based research.

Play Scotland

Has an extensive research section with various articles and information about the benefits of outdoor play.

Outdoor Education Research A-Z Directory

Roger Greenaway has a very comprehensive on his Reviewing website. This is a super resource.

Scottish Natural Heritage – Our Work section

Has research and commissioned reports which can be accessed or bought.

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