School Grounds Visits

Juliet has been accredited Grounds for Learning trainer and facilitator since 2007.

How can Creative STAR help develop my school grounds?

 Creative STAR can provide site visits to schools and early years settings which provide:

  • Advice about how to develop your grounds into an attractive and inspirational learning and teaching environment that can help deliver all the capacities of Curriculum for Excellence
  • Guidance on any particular ideas your school community may have and the challenges you face
  • Guidance on how the school can maximise participation of the whole school community in a a tried and tested approach

“Thank you for your inspirational visit and your advice. The group are even more enthusiastic than ever and we have already started to action some of the ideas discussed. As I type, a group of parents are working outside and we plan to work on the hard landscaping with some of the children this afternoon.”
Head of Centre, Devonview Nursery, North Lanarkshire

What can I do to develop my school grounds?

Before beginning to undertake improvements to your outdoor space, it is worth spending time with the children finding out about the possibilities that exist. It is always better to think about what everyone wants to be able to do in the outdoor space rather than what everyone wants. Spend some time exploring the possibilities.

It is always better to start small and be up for experimenting. Generally speaking, decent school grounds are not created overnight but grow year on year from continuous care and attention. My particular expertise is kickstarting the process of getting schools going to do this OR coming in as a fresh pair of eyes and helping you to view your outdoor space in a new light.

Before you book , it is worth doing a couple of things

Once you have a feel for what we do, contact us to discuss your needs and see how Creative STAR can help you make the first steps to schools grounds development.

Oh! I forgot to say – I don’t tend to recommend playground equipment manufacturers. Whilst there might be some great kit out there, my approach is more holistic and considers the totality of use of an outdoor space. It’s pretty rare to find an assault course or traversing wall which benefits wildlife too…!

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