School Support Visits

With our support, expertise and skills, embedding outdoor learning may well be one of the most positive, concrete improvements your school undertakes.

There are two main ways of doing this:

  • A school or setting can have a focus on outdoor learning as a discrete improvement. This works well if there is not a lot of outdoor learning and play happening.
  • To include outdoor learning in all the other school priorities. For example, when focusing on literacy, asign time for staff to examine and see how using different outdoor environments can help improvement literacy and develop children’s confidence and competence with core skills.

What happens during a School Support Visit?

During a support visit we tailor what we do to suit the needs of your staff, children and community.

Here are some examples from recent support visits:

  • Undertaking audits with staff and children
  • Modelling lessons outside and also supporting staff to do this
  • Setting up free flow play systems between the indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Presentations at school assemblies
  • Developing school and cluster-based resources
  • Supporting the development of playtime projects
  • Kickstarting the consultation process with children and young people to find out their opinions and ensuring they underpin and drive school grounds developments
  • Meeting parents, groups of children and young people for specific work relating to developing school grounds

Useful Documents to Support you and your School

Creative STAR advice and support work is recognised at a national level. Juliet led the team of consultants and teachers who wrote the following Education Scotland documents:

Building your Curriculum: Outside and In

A concise guide to school improvement through outdoor learning and is a useful quick read

Outdoor Learning: Practical guidance, ideas and support for teachers and practitioners in Scotland

Packed full of tips, food for thought and even contains suggestions for CPD activities which include drinking cups of tea and eating chocolate (seriously)

We also provide school grounds development work, undertake contracts of any size, run CPD courses and provide keynote presentations and workshops at conferences.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

“Creative STAR brings experience, imagination and focus to Continuing Professional Development. The result is the capacity to explore themes and discuss issues that would perhaps otherwise take a lot longer. Excellent”
Alford Academy teacher, Aberdeenshire

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