Early Years Outdoor Apps for the iPad

22 February 2014
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“Where’s the games?” When children explore my iPad, this question always arises.  The contents on my iPad are not what children expect. It is almost entirely a range of apps for use outside. Once children fathom this out, one of two things happen. Either the child hands the iPad back to me and walks off. […]

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Is There a Nature App for That?

6 November 2013
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Useful reference apps

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Colour Vacuum

13 July 2013
Colour Vacuum Dandelion

How to make colour searches more sophisticated using the Colour Vacuum app.

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Skitch Those Water Wall Designs

28 June 2013
Funky Water Wall

There’s no point in having an iPad it you don’t use it.

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Investigating Symmetry Outdoors Using Photo Booth

24 May 2013
Symmetry and Reflections

Following up on challenges and activities to further develop children’s core skills.

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Zen Gardens – A Reflection

9 January 2013
Zen Gardens

When creating a dry-landscape garden, spontaneity and experimentation are part of the process.

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Technology for Learning Outside

17 September 2011
Digital Technology Outdoor Learning

Digital and mobile technologies can be a benefit to outdoor learning.

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Outdoor Maths: Looking at different angles in nature

7 July 2011
Angle Sticks

A super lesson about angles.

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Location, location, location!

6 June 2009
The Star

Creating maps of outdoor journeys.

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