barriers to learning outdoors

10 Ideas for Exploring Big Boulders

7 July 2015
The star

A much-loved feature by children of all ages

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When Children Need the Toilet Outdoors

19 July 2014
The Star

Outdoor toilets – what to do…

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Health and Safety: Have you heard the latest…?

18 March 2014
HSE Myths

“Oh no, they cannot be serious!”

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Indoor or Wet Breaks – A Dangerous Idea?

13 June 2012
Icy Weather

Indoors or out…weather, clothing and more.

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Sticks in School

2 February 2011
Sticks in School

Sticks are not a commonly used resource in most schools.

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Hand hygiene outdoors

20 January 2011
Hand Hygiene Outdoors

Removing one of the barriers to learning outdoors.

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A Curriculum for Excellence Through Outdoor Learning

1 May 2010
Curriculum for Excellence

Outdoor learning has been creeping up the Scottish education agenda recently.

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Primary One Outdoors!

4 September 2009
The Star

Outdoor play is vital.

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