Design Ideas for Bike, Trike & Scooter Play

2 March 2015
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One of the key zones at the Lake Macquarie Variety Playground is the Circuit Zone where children can bring their small bikes, scooters and other wheeled toys. Children are free to ride around the whole playground yet this zone has sufficient appeal that there were lots of children playing here continuously. Most early years educators know the […]

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When Trikes are Not Enough

26 February 2013
Trikes are not enough

Washing a trike is all when and good but sometimes it’s just not enough!

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Surfaces for Bikes and Trikes

9 May 2012
Bikes and Trikes

Kids really enjoy scooting around on bikes and trikes.

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Reinventing the wheel

10 October 2008
The Star

I want to see more children cycling around in Scotland.

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