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Temporary Shelters in School Grounds

25 January 2014
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Recently I blogged about my experience of creating suitable shelters when on beach visits with a nursery. I realised as I was gathering photos together that I had examples of other temporary shelters which practitioners use with children, many of which are suitable for thirty children and a class teacher.

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The Tarp Personality Test

1 April 2013
Tarp Personality Test

Take this short test to find out more about your hidden tarpersonality….

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Water Play with a Tarp

10 November 2012
Water Tarp Play

Tarps and water are the perfect combination for play!

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Transparent Tarp

8 February 2012
Transparent Tarp

Tarps outdoors are a wonderful play and learning resource.

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Water play with blue tarp and tyres

8 October 2011
Water Play

The perfect combination for interesting play.

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Blue tarp on a windy day

5 March 2011
Windy Blue Tarp

Blue tarps and wind makes for an interesting play session.

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Blue tarp

20 February 2011
Blue Tarp Ideas

If you have a blue tarp, how do you use yours?

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