The Cosy website has arrived!

27 August 2015
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Finally you can browse the catalogue online

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The “Sensori” Water Station

21 June 2014
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Children love water play. Recently I attended a wonderful presentation and workshop by the legendary Tom “Sensori” Bedard who is currently touring the UK and Netherlands. He writes the blog Sand and Water Tables. It’s very niche and all about engaging children through well-thought out apparatus and creations at the sand and water trays. I’ve […]

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Bamboo Guttering – 8 Reasons Why I Like This Resource

2 March 2014
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A year ago I bought a set of bamboo guttering comprising of 6 short and 6 long lengths. I’ve used it so many times, with so many classes and groups and in so many ways. Here’s some of reasons why it is such a useful resource…

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Are Loose Parts Toys?

19 December 2013
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Are toys all that children want for Xmas?

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Story Lines Outside

1 September 2013
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A simple reading activity

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Material Benefits of Cars

30 July 2013
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Find a car. Add material. Enjoy the play.

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Wood Logs and Lumps in Schools

8 June 2013
Wood Logs in School

In recent years moveable wooden disks, logs and planks have begun to make an appearance.

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10 Little Essential Outdoor Items

19 April 2013
Outdoor Essentials

What little things do you find essential for your outdoor work?

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10 Ideas if You Can’t Leave Resources Outside

16 March 2013

Creative, solution-focused thinking for when it comes to outdoor play provision.

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A Hammock Made Out of a Tarp

19 February 2013

Turning tarps into hammocks is the equivalent of a gym session outdoors!

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12 Tough Outdoor Resources for Play and Learning

2 February 2013
Play Resources

Play resources need to be able to take a knock if they’re used every day.

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The Beauty of Bamboo

16 January 2013

Bamboo grows like a weed in Japan but also makes over 2000 products.

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Willow Lattice Arches and Panels

19 December 2012
Willow Arch

Different ideas for using willow arches in school grounds.

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The One About The Plastic Pipes

12 December 2012

If you ever pass by a building site, have a quick look.

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Water Play with a Tarp

10 November 2012
Water Tarp Play

Tarps and water are the perfect combination for play!

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Axioms of Sensorimotor Play

8 September 2012
Sensorimotor Play

“Children need to transport whatever is in the table out of the table.”

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Outdoor Play with Bread Crates

5 September 2012
Bread Crates

Bread crates have to be one of the toughest and most versatile resources around.

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Outdoor Maths: Right Angles

2 August 2012
Right Angles

Exploring 2D shapes and right angles outdoors.

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Outdoor Measuring Continues

4 July 2012
Outdoor Measuring

One metre length sticks are great for measuring outdoors.

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The Moveable Bench

2 June 2012
Moveable Bench

There is something profound about a moving bench.

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Outdoor Maths: Creating 3D Shapes from Sticks

21 March 2012
Big Stick Net

Sticks are making maths ever-more interesting outside.

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More about Transparent Tarp

14 March 2012
Transparent Tarp

My love affair with transparent tarp continues.

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Alphabet Mirror Letters

18 February 2012
Alphabet Mirrors

What happens with the alphabet mirrors outdoors?

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Transparent Tarp

8 February 2012
Transparent Tarp

Tarps outdoors are a wonderful play and learning resource.

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How to Make a Fractal Dragon with Sticks

4 February 2012
Fractal Dragon

Now that the Chinese New Year has arrived, 2012 is officially the Year of the Dragon.

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Space blankets

25 January 2012
Space Blanket

Space blankets offer more than preventing hypothermia for explorers!

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Water play with blue tarp and tyres

8 October 2011
Water Play

The perfect combination for interesting play.

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Portable seats for outdoor learning

13 June 2011
Portable Seats

One helpful resource is comfy seating outside.

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The mystery tubes

20 April 2011
Mystery Tubes

An interesting play resource with multiple uses.

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More Masking Tape

16 March 2011
More Masking Tape

Masking tape makes me realise why learning through play is what it’s really all about.

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The Magic of Masking Tape

12 March 2011
Masking Tape

My love affair with masking tape is an exception to this self-imposed rule.

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Blue tarp on a windy day

5 March 2011
Windy Blue Tarp

Blue tarps and wind makes for an interesting play session.

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Guttering in Pre-school

2 March 2011
Guttering in Pre-School

Guttering seems to aid natural cooperation.

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Blue tarp

20 February 2011
Blue Tarp Ideas

If you have a blue tarp, how do you use yours?

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Magnifying Play

5 October 2010

Magnifying glasses of all shapes and sizes are a key outdoor learning resource.

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