The Highway Farm Sandpit

28 July 2017
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Not just a patch of sand… oh no…

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Beautiful Miniature Worlds

16 August 2013
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The potential & possibilities of mini worlds for children of all ages

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A Maths Stick Picture Game

30 April 2013

Sticks, children and maths outdoors are the perfect combination for learning!

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The Art of Plant Study Outside

9 March 2013
Plant Study

Art and science combine outdoors in the study of plants.

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12 Tough Outdoor Resources for Play and Learning

2 February 2013
Play Resources

Play resources need to be able to take a knock if they’re used every day.

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Art, Design, Maths and Playground Markings

20 November 2012
Formula for Living Bloor

Playground markings that aren’t your average hopscotch or alphabet snake.

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Guerrilla Environmental Art

2 May 2012
Clay Art

Expressive Arts Outside training session results.

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A Seascape to Whet the Appetite

4 April 2012
Deep Sea Diver

For lots of creative children and staff this was only the beginning.

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Amazing Mazes

29 February 2012

Mazes from ropes, hoops, chalk trails and more…

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Story Stones and Thinking Skills

29 September 2011
Story Stones

A little stone can give a lot of empowerment in a funny sort of way.

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17 April 2011
Pace Eggs

Pace eggs are a lovely natural addition to any egg celebrations.

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The Power of Number 11

31 December 2010
Making a Snowman

2011 is just about to arrive with the usual celebrations in Scotland.

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Fence Art – The Creativity Continues

18 December 2010
Give your ugly fence a makeover

Old toothbrushes, useless CD ROMs, textiles and more to give your fence a lift!

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Sea Glass

2 December 2010
Sea Glass

Sea glass is broken glass that has been tumbled about by the water, waves and sand.

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24 June 2010

RBS Supergrounds Award money used to develop nursery garden.

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Guess what’s attached to this fence

20 June 2010
Purple Tubes

Look at these purple tubes. Anyone have any idea what their original purpose was?

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11 June 2010

Stones are a great outdoor learning resource.

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