Czech Republic

A Simple CZ Marina Mural

28 December 2015
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Who says murals have to be complex.

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Drying and Managing Wet Clothes

17 October 2013
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Space saving solutions

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Toulcuv Dvur Nursery in the Czech Republic

22 November 2011
Digging Area

Best described as an urban environmental education centre.

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Czech Pre-schools – A Forest Project for All

26 October 2011
Forest School Activity Book

A German model of forest school is being given serious consideration by environmental organisations.

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Bringing nature into a Czech Nursery

5 October 2011
Rope Trail

Outdoor spaces in a Czech nursery school.

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Czech it out!

21 November 2008
The Star

When you think of the Czech Republic, what comes to mind? Beer? Prague? Environmental education?

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