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Tyres in School Grounds

1 October 2017

Updated post – new research, painting, etc.

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Leaf Art

24 September 2013
Thumbnail image for Leaf Art

Autumnal environmental art

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Wood Logs and Lumps in Schools

8 June 2013
Wood Logs in School

In recent years moveable wooden disks, logs and planks have begun to make an appearance.

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Free Play Adventures at Broxburn OOSC

16 April 2013

This was my introduction to Broxburn Family Centre’s Out of School Care.

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Making a Zip Wire

7 April 2013
How to make a zip wire

Experimenting with ropes, pulleys, tyres and more to make a zip wire.

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Inverallochy School Grounds – Progress Report

12 February 2013
Inverallochy Progress

Developing a school ground for play and learning is not a one-off event. It needs to be integrated into the life of a school.

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The Black Suitcase

10 December 2012
Black Suitcase

A simple black suitcase can be an incredibly useful play resource.

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Old and New Tree Stumps

15 January 2012
Old Tree Stumps

One of the best things about woodlands are the old tree stumps.

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Living in a Box

17 December 2011
The Star

I have a dubious theory about all the box metaphors used in eduworld and beyond.

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Nature Kindergartens by Claire Warden

14 November 2011
Nature Kindergartens

It’s about allowing children to make connections and learn through play and being in nature.

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An unofficial natural playspace

5 October 2011
Rothay Park

In Rothay Park, Ambleside.

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U is for Up and Up and Up

31 August 2011
King of The Castle

A lesson in how to climb a tree, how to climb up and up and up!

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Come and Play!

1 July 2011

Low cost, often made from recycled materials – toys!

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Original Playground Markings

23 June 2011
Playground Markings

Almost every Scottish school likes to have a few playground markings adorning their acres of tarmac.

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The Longest Play Day in the World

9 June 2011
Playday Scotland

We want everyone to be able to celebrate Playday in Scotland.

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Nature Design Principles

11 April 2011
Play Themes

Children from anywhere have play themes in common.

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The Gift Of Play

24 December 2010
Gift of Play

Can you imagine a world where children stop playing aged 5 1/2?

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Nature Nurture

8 August 2010
Nature Nurture

Sometimes there are days that I wish would never end.

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11 June 2010

Stones are a great outdoor learning resource.

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A Controversial Week

4 April 2010
Tree Climbing

Last week was a controversial time. Two situations arose that really got me thinking.

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Willow Structures in School Grounds

4 March 2010
Out to Learn Willow

This week, we have a guest writer, Clare Revera of Out to Learn Willow.

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