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Tyres in School Grounds

1 October 2017

Updated post – new research, painting, etc.

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Sandpits Outside – Challenging Myths and Misconceptions

10 August 2017

Examining some of the issues of sand and sandpits.

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When Children Need the Toilet Outdoors

19 July 2014
The Star

Outdoor toilets – what to do…

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Health and Safety: Have you heard the latest…?

18 March 2014
HSE Myths

“Oh no, they cannot be serious!”

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Building Confidence on a Concrete Slope

11 January 2014
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It’s the little things which matter

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Are Loose Parts Toys?

19 December 2013
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Are toys all that children want for Xmas?

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6 Games and Several Top Tips About Conkers

1 October 2013

Top tips

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Foraging for Fruit – A Way to Love Gardening

25 July 2013
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Summer time… and the living is easy

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Glamis Adventure Playground – Guerrilla Geographers at Heart

15 October 2012
Glamis Adventure Playground

One playgrounds approach to signs and signage.

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The Scottish Skogsmulle Sessions

25 August 2012
Scottish Skogsmulle

How do children cope with the “Swedish-ness” of this approach?

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Do you have a poisonous plant in your school garden?

4 August 2012
Poisonous Plants

Which are poisonous and which aren’t? Do you know?

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Indoor or Wet Breaks – A Dangerous Idea?

13 June 2012
Icy Weather

Indoors or out…weather, clothing and more.

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Dangerous Ideas in Education

11 April 2012
Playing with fire

Do we need more risk in activities offered to children?

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Beware! Extreme Signage

28 March 2012

Instructions, warnings, ‘elf and safety – signs everywhere!

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U is for Up and Up and Up

31 August 2011
King of The Castle

A lesson in how to climb a tree, how to climb up and up and up!

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Ponds in schools and nurseries

1 June 2011
School Pond

Are ponds allowed in school grounds?

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Big Rope Play

8 March 2011
Big Rope Play

The use of a big old climbing rope was an experiment for me.

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Hand hygiene outdoors

20 January 2011
Hand Hygiene Outdoors

Removing one of the barriers to learning outdoors.

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The Power of Number 11

31 December 2010
Making a Snowman

2011 is just about to arrive with the usual celebrations in Scotland.

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Outdoor Play at Cowgate Under 5’s Centre

21 May 2010
Cowgate Nursery

This is the entrance to the magical, yet very real, world of Cowgate Under 5’s Centre.

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A Controversial Week

4 April 2010
Tree Climbing

Last week was a controversial time. Two situations arose that really got me thinking.

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26 September 2009
The Star

Using a walkodile may make a difference.

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This place still rocks

5 April 2009
The Star

The EU have yet to work out a way of standardising rocks and boulders.

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Ode to Toilet Roll Tubes

29 January 2009
The Star

A mission to reinstate the toilet roll in the resource box!

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Risky Business

24 December 2008
The Star

At the weekend I made a rare appearance at a social do.

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