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The Classroom is Too Small

5 December 2015

Who’s got the better deal. Chimps or children?

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Frisbees – All Work and All Play

3 August 2013
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Back to school with a “flying” start with a frisbee!

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Foraging for Fruit – A Way to Love Gardening

25 July 2013
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Summer time… and the living is easy

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Beach Play – 10 Ideas

5 July 2013
Beach Play

With the summer holidays either approaching or begun, then there is nothing better than a visit to the seaside.

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Seafood Investigations

31 May 2013
Seafood Platter

With seafood, there’s a lot leftover in terms of shells, heads and other body parts, perfect for class!

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Lessons in life principles from the Okanagan people

23 October 2011
Okanagan Life Principles

Community philosophy approach and education systems.

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Making skeletons (using sticks)

30 April 2011
Stick Skeletons

This blog post is entirely inspired by Judy Duncan, a Primary 7 teacher at Kingswells Primary School in Aberdeen.

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Hand hygiene outdoors

20 January 2011
Hand Hygiene Outdoors

Removing one of the barriers to learning outdoors.

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A Curriculum for Excellence Through Outdoor Learning

1 May 2010
Curriculum for Excellence

Outdoor learning has been creeping up the Scottish education agenda recently.

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Bad weather, clothes, activities and parents

10 January 2010
Winter Beach

There’s no such thing as bad weather….only the wrong clothes.

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Seeing the Natural Light

12 January 2009
The Star

More evidence of the benefits of children being outdoors.

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Rain Makes Us Fat

10 January 2009
The Star

Vitamin D can be used as a slimming aid!

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