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DIY Structures in a Swedish Outdoor Nursery

22 June 2016
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What would you build for a children’s nursery outside?

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When Children Need the Toilet Outdoors

19 July 2014
The Star

Outdoor toilets – what to do…

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Inside an Outdoor Pre-school in Sweden

5 November 2011
Mulleborg Cloakroom

It is interesting to see what the indoor space can look like.

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Mulleborg – an Outdoor Swedish Pre-school

7 September 2011

Children spend 80% of their time outside, all year round – in ALL weathers!

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Skogsmulle – Learning for All the Senses

27 August 2011
Skogsmulle Senses

Over 1/4 of the Swedish population have attended Skogsmulle activities as young children.

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In the early years

18 December 2008
The Star

Last week the Scottish Government published its strategy for the Early Years.

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