10 Ideas for Exploring Clouds

7 August 2016
Cloud Making

“A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed. It feels an impulsion. This is the place to go now.”

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The Fairy Garden at Coombe Mill

22 October 2014
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This past week I have been staying in Cornwall at the wonderful Coombe Mill Family Farm as I was on a professional learning stint, visiting various organisations and meeting lots of different people. The Fairy Garden is one of many examples which demonstrate why this place is amazing and not your average holiday accommodation.

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Shadow Explorations with an iPad

16 April 2014
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Have you ever got that feeling that you aren’t making the most of a resource? Ever since I bought my mini iPad I knew I hadn’t done enough experimenting with Photo Booth. I had given classes opportunity to freely play with Photo Booth and its effects. The use of the mirror app is very helpful […]

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Early Years Outdoor Apps for the iPad

22 February 2014
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“Where’s the games?” When children explore my iPad, this question always arises.  The contents on my iPad are not what children expect. It is almost entirely a range of apps for use outside. Once children fathom this out, one of two things happen. Either the child hands the iPad back to me and walks off. […]

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Is There a Nature App for That?

6 November 2013
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Useful reference apps

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Phlip-ing Photos

20 August 2013
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Turns any photo into a puzzle.

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Eye Painting

12 August 2013
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Use this app to paint with your eye not your fingers

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Colour Vacuum

13 July 2013
Colour Vacuum Dandelion

How to make colour searches more sophisticated using the Colour Vacuum app.

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Skitch Those Water Wall Designs

28 June 2013
Funky Water Wall

There’s no point in having an iPad it you don’t use it.

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Photo Booth Outside

11 May 2013
Photo Booth

Getting swirly and twirly with Photo Booth.

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Technology for Learning Outside

17 September 2011
Digital Technology Outdoor Learning

Digital and mobile technologies can be a benefit to outdoor learning.

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Outdoor Maths: Looking at different angles in nature

7 July 2011
Angle Sticks

A super lesson about angles.

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