The Fairy Garden at Coombe Mill

22 October 2014
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This past week I have been staying in Cornwall at the wonderful Coombe Mill Family Farm as I was on a professional learning stint, visiting various organisations and meeting lots of different people. The Fairy Garden is one of many examples which demonstrate why this place is amazing and not your average holiday accommodation.

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Is There a Nature App for That?

6 November 2013
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Useful reference apps

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Eye Painting

12 August 2013
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Use this app to paint with your eye not your fingers

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Park Benches and Staring at Screens

21 May 2013
London Parks

London parks are oases of calm and contemplation amidst the busy background hum of traffic and other ongoing noise.

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Technology for Learning Outside

17 September 2011
Digital Technology Outdoor Learning

Digital and mobile technologies can be a benefit to outdoor learning.

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ICT Outdoors in the Early Years

5 October 2009
The Star

Use digital technology for learning outdoors with these ideas.

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Location, location, location!

6 June 2009
The Star

Creating maps of outdoor journeys.

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