Let’s Get Writing Outside

12 August 2015
Writing Outside

Writing outside is becoming increasingly popular in many primary and secondary schools.

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Using Leaves for Learning – 10 Ideas

20 September 2013
Thumbnail image for Using Leaves for Learning – 10 Ideas

A collection worth looking at

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Using Thinking Journals Outside

14 May 2013
Thinking Child

Sue Dixon of The Thinking Child Consultancy shares ideas about Thinking Journals.

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Wishing Rods and Speed Brakers

19 March 2013

Folklore and mythology through beech trees.

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Literacy in the Woods at the Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery

6 December 2012
Literacy in the Woods

Reading and writing are complex processes.

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A Flock of Words

15 August 2012
Flock of Words

Art and literacy outdoors with a flock of words and birds!

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A Fish Trail not a Fishy Tale

21 July 2012
Fishy Trail

The Fish Trail shows just how creative a trail can be, enabling anyone to enjoy science, language, art, people and place.

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Literacy Trails in Outdoor Spaces

23 June 2012
Literacy Trails

Wherever you teach, the place has possibilities for trails of all sorts.

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Creating On-Going Dialogue and Change with Children

20 June 2012
Fred the Ted

Fred the Ted helps out.

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I’m in Charge of Celebrations: Earth Day Book Activity

8 April 2012
I'm in charge of celebrations

Earth Day and celebrations – are you in charge of them?

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Beware! Extreme Signage

28 March 2012

Instructions, warnings, ‘elf and safety – signs everywhere!

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The Snowdrop Story

7 March 2012

How the snowdrop came to be white…

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Reading Outside with Fred the Ted

3 March 2012
Fred the Ted reading

The children are extremely kind and considerate of Fred the Ted’s requests.

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Alphabet Mirror Letters

18 February 2012
Alphabet Mirrors

What happens with the alphabet mirrors outdoors?

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Love Outdoors! An Outdoor Literacy Activity

15 February 2012
Love Outdoor Play

Tanka poetry has an elements of nature and strong emotions.

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Not a Stick! Making Sense of Metaphors

28 January 2012
Not a stick

Sticks can can help children develop their imagination through the use of metaphor.

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Outdoor literacy: Letters from Sticks!

25 November 2011
Letters from Sticks

Fred the Ted and sticks help with outdoor literacy learning.

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Outdoor Literacy Activity: Sticky Letters

19 November 2011
Literacy Activity

The children are enjoying and responding to literacy outdoors.

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The Comedy Carpet – Outdoor Literacy at its Best!

6 November 2011
Comedy Carpet

Doing literacy activities outside is no joke…

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The Story of Fred the Ted

11 October 2011
Fred the Ted

Fred the Ted provides an avenue into literacy.

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Story Stones and Thinking Skills

29 September 2011
Story Stones

A little stone can give a lot of empowerment in a funny sort of way.

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Outdoor Literacy: Introducing letters

30 August 2011
Outdoor Letters

There are many multisensory activities which can help children recognise letters.

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A Laminated Leaf Hunt

10 July 2011
Laminated Leaves

Laminated leaves are quite different to the growing plants in the garden.

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Recycling books for use outdoors

7 June 2011
Reading Books Outdoors

A clever way to extend the life of a worn out book.

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Circle Poems in Action

13 May 2011
Circle Poems

Children’s words can be used to create forms and patterns.

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What about the Royal Wedding?

27 April 2011
What about the Royal Wedding?

Kate and William are getting married.

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Literacy – A Circles Theme

20 April 2011
Literacy Circles

Outdoor literacy activities on the theme of circles.

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Orientate Yourself to Outdoor Learning: Outdoor Literacy Activities

29 March 2011
Circle Band

These are the ideas and suggestions covered in the Outdoor Literacy workshop.

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Where would you rather be?

25 March 2011
Outdoor CPD

Imagine you have been given the opportunity to attend a training event for free.

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A Harry Potter Hunt

23 March 2011
Harry Potter Hunt

A useful comprehension exercise with a bit of deduction thrown in for good measure.

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Full Stops Outside

11 February 2011
Full Stops Outdoors

Taking punctuation lessons outdoors.

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Outdoor Literacy Workshops at Mackie Academy

17 November 2010
Lichen Literacy

Outdoor poetry activities for teaching literacy outdoors.

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Nature Detectives

1 November 2010
Nature Detectives

Immediately the MI5 agent within me woke up and sprung into action.

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Leaf loving literacy activities

22 October 2010
Literacy Leaf

Ideas for using leaves for outdoor literacy activities.

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Reading Books Outdoors

26 September 2010
Reading Books Outdoors

Children will happily explore books outside.

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A Poetry Walk at The Coombes School

21 July 2010
Poetry Walk

A simple idea for literacy outdoors with children.

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Word Cloud Possibilities Outside

5 July 2010
Blog Wordle

Which words would your wordle have?

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11 June 2010

Stones are a great outdoor learning resource.

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Outdoor Journeys into Language

14 May 2010
Literacy outdoors

Journeys, micro-journeys and literacy activities for outdoors.

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The Fibonacci Sequence and Nature

6 May 2010
The Star

Introducing Fibonacci to young children.

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