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Tyres in School Grounds

1 October 2017

Updated post – new research, painting, etc.

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Tree Baskets

23 September 2017
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Don’t just plant a tree, care for one too! 

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Loose Parts Play Guide – Can You Assist?

27 July 2016
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Quotes, advice & comments needed

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The Cosy website has arrived!

27 August 2015
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Finally you can browse the catalogue online

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The “Sensori” Water Station

21 June 2014
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Children love water play. Recently I attended a wonderful presentation and workshop by the legendary Tom “Sensori” Bedard who is currently touring the UK and Netherlands. He writes the blog Sand and Water Tables. It’s very niche and all about engaging children through well-thought out apparatus and creations at the sand and water trays. I’ve […]

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Are Loose Parts Toys?

19 December 2013
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Are toys all that children want for Xmas?

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House of Fun

22 July 2013
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Loose Parts + A Climbing Frame = A House of Fun

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Inspiration and action to change an outdoor space

12 June 2013
JC Waterwall

Black Horse Hill Infant School are inspired to use a bit of imagination to make changes to their outdoor space.

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10 Little Essential Outdoor Items

19 April 2013
Outdoor Essentials

What little things do you find essential for your outdoor work?

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The Art of Plant Study Outside

9 March 2013
Plant Study

Art and science combine outdoors in the study of plants.

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12 Tough Outdoor Resources for Play and Learning

2 February 2013
Play Resources

Play resources need to be able to take a knock if they’re used every day.

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Willow Lattice Arches and Panels

19 December 2012
Willow Arch

Different ideas for using willow arches in school grounds.

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Outdoor Play with Bread Crates

5 September 2012
Bread Crates

Bread crates have to be one of the toughest and most versatile resources around.

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The Moveable Bench

2 June 2012
Moveable Bench

There is something profound about a moving bench.

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Space blankets

25 January 2012
Space Blanket

Space blankets offer more than preventing hypothermia for explorers!

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It’s all about Stuff! Part 2

22 December 2011
Play Resources

And it continues…

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It’s all about Stuff!

17 December 2011
Play Resources

Loose parts, natural materials – play resources IS all about stuff!

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Fatal Attraction

14 December 2011
The Star

End of season bargains to be snapped up.

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My latest crush is ASDA

14 December 2011
The Star

The outdoor bargains continue galore.

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All I want for a natural Christmas is…

14 December 2011

What would you wish for a natural Christmas?

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Reflections on Ropes

11 December 2011

Ropes are a useful play resource in so many ways.

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All I want for my reusable Christmas is…

8 December 2011
Boat and Child

Reusing resources for play makes for a free Christmas!

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Scrapstore PlayPods and Free Play Systems

4 December 2011
Scrapstore Playpod

Loose parts for play resources…and somewhere to keep them!

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A Portable Water Wall

16 October 2011
Portable Water Wall

Portable water walls which children could create themselves.

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The tripod made from guttering

13 October 2011
Guttering Tripod

I love how ideas can be cross-pollinated, used, changed, adapted and turned through play into all sorts of explorations.

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Water play with blue tarp and tyres

8 October 2011
Water Play

The perfect combination for interesting play.

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Cowgate Under 5’s Centre – Come and Look!

7 August 2011
Cowgate Nursery

Capturing the ethos and values of this city nursery.

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Using local materials and features in your playspace

31 July 2011
Local Materials

Bring local traditions and culture into the school grounds.

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Come and Play!

1 July 2011

Low cost, often made from recycled materials – toys!

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An outdoor shape activity with sticks

19 May 2011
Outdoor Shapes with Sticks

The sticks are getting a serious amount of use at the moment.

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From Reflections into Symmetry Outdoors

24 April 2011
Reflections into Symmetry

Various reflective surfaces can be created or found.

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The mystery tubes

20 April 2011
Mystery Tubes

An interesting play resource with multiple uses.

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More Masking Tape

16 March 2011
More Masking Tape

Masking tape makes me realise why learning through play is what it’s really all about.

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The Magic of Masking Tape

12 March 2011
Masking Tape

My love affair with masking tape is an exception to this self-imposed rule.

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Big Rope Play

8 March 2011
Big Rope Play

The use of a big old climbing rope was an experiment for me.

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Guttering in Pre-school

2 March 2011
Guttering in Pre-School

Guttering seems to aid natural cooperation.

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Collaborative Outdoor Play Ideas

25 May 2010
Shared Play

what ideas might you have for some collaborative play that could take place through the fence.

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