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Leaf Art

24 September 2013
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Autumnal environmental art

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Wood Logs and Lumps in Schools

8 June 2013
Wood Logs in School

In recent years moveable wooden disks, logs and planks have begun to make an appearance.

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Kate Greenaway Nursery – A Special Place for Special People

6 October 2012
Kate Greenaway Nursery

The Kate Greenaway Nursery has been on my “must visit” list.

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Children who swear by nature

1 January 2012
The Star

Truth be told, a lot of children aren’t that interested in nature.

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It’s all about Stuff!

17 December 2011
Play Resources

Loose parts, natural materials – play resources IS all about stuff!

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Toulcuv Dvur Nursery in the Czech Republic

22 November 2011
Digging Area

Best described as an urban environmental education centre.

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The Longest Play Day in the World

9 June 2011
Playday Scotland

We want everyone to be able to celebrate Playday in Scotland.

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Nature Design Principles

11 April 2011
Play Themes

Children from anywhere have play themes in common.

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Willow Structures in School Grounds

4 March 2010
Out to Learn Willow

This week, we have a guest writer, Clare Revera of Out to Learn Willow.

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