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Outdoor Nurseries, Forest and Nature Kindergartens in Scotland

13 February 2017
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A list of Scottish pre-school establishments

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Stump Holes for Play

19 September 2012
Tree Stumps

The play potential is vast with tree stumps.

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Toulcuv Dvur Nursery in the Czech Republic

22 November 2011
Digging Area

Best described as an urban environmental education centre.

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Nature Kindergartens by Claire Warden

14 November 2011
Nature Kindergartens

It’s about allowing children to make connections and learn through play and being in nature.

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Outdoor Play at Cowgate Under 5’s Centre

21 May 2010
Cowgate Nursery

This is the entrance to the magical, yet very real, world of Cowgate Under 5’s Centre.

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OBE – Our Brilliant Educators

22 June 2009
The Star

Long live our OBEs!

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Thinking, Learning, Playing!

18 May 2009
The Star

Aberdeen City Early Years conference.

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In the early years

18 December 2008
The Star

Last week the Scottish Government published its strategy for the Early Years.

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