nature maths

Daisy Footprints – Maths Outdoors

10 July 2013
Daisy Footprints

Daisies are tough little flowers and the fun of footprints and daisies makes this a summer activity not to be missed!

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20 Something Maths Pictures

28 May 2013
Dandelion Disks

The whole point of maths outside is that it is real and relies on practical activities.

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The Black Spot – Pirate Maths Outdoors

30 October 2012
The Black Spot

Leaves and maths outdoors for all ye landlubbers…arrr!

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Outdoor Maths: Right Angles

2 August 2012
Right Angles

Exploring 2D shapes and right angles outdoors.

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Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Outdoor Activities

12 May 2012
Fractions Sticks

Sticks are stonking for working out fractions.

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Outdoor Maths: Fractals in Nature

12 February 2012

Fractals in nature, patterns with sticks…it’s all part of maths outdoors.

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Making Maths Sticks

9 November 2011
Making Maths Sticks

Coppicing provides perfect sticks for maths outdoors.

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Outdoor Maths: Looking at different angles in nature

7 July 2011
Angle Sticks

A super lesson about angles.

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Leaf Logic

8 October 2010
Leaf Logic

Logic, thinking and strategy activity for outdoor learning with leaves.

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