Wee Green Fingers

14 March 2017
Rowan Berries

Plants for school grounds – some ideas.

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Dandelion Play – 10 Ideas

8 May 2016

Recipes, games, challenges galore!

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Log Piles – Creating a Flourishing Wildlife Community

21 May 2014
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In recent years the old-fashioned log pile has been superceded by the hip and trendy mini beast hotels in school grounds. Whilst these are a lovely form of recycling and repurposing of various materials this post is a plea to all schools to provide create lots of log piles within their grounds too.

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The Mathematics of Festive Crafts

14 December 2013
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Recap the term’s work!

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The Necessity of a White Sheet

3 December 2013
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Helps highlight natural objects

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A Bird Feeding Garden

12 November 2013
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Not your usual feeding station!

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Is There a Nature App for That?

6 November 2013
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Useful reference apps

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Are We Digital Natives from a Different Era?

23 October 2013
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Different age, same issues and concerns

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A Wonderful Wildlife Garden

8 October 2013
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Great ideas from the RSPB

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Leaf Multiplication

5 October 2013
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Learn your tables with leaves

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6 Games and Several Top Tips About Conkers

1 October 2013

Top tips

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Leaf Art

24 September 2013
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Autumnal environmental art

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10 Ideas for Playing in Long Grass

27 August 2013
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Long grass – a “must have” play resource

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10 Ideas for Mud Play

4 June 2013
International Mud Day

29th June is International Mud Day…enjoy the mudfest with these ideas to celebrate mud!

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10 Little Stick Activities

26 April 2013
Stick Box

Sticks are possibly the most versatile play resource that nature ever invented.

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Rainy Day Rubbings – Exploring Pattern Outside

23 April 2013
Plant Rubbings

When investigating patterns outside, there are many ways of doing this. On rainy days it could be…..

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How to Make a Seed Bomb

13 April 2013
Seed Bomb

Making and setting seed bombs is a great way to get kids planting!

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Natural Elements in Playgrounds

4 April 2013
Out on a limb

This is a guest blog post by Frode Svane, an architect and a pedagog.

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An 80-year old nature diary

8 August 2012
80 year old nature diary

A fascinating record.

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A Forest Kindergarten Session

25 February 2012
Forest Kindergarten

Give children the opportunity to experience a little wilderness.

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Children who swear by nature

1 January 2012
The Star

Truth be told, a lot of children aren’t that interested in nature.

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Toulcuv Dvur Nursery in the Czech Republic

22 November 2011
Digging Area

Best described as an urban environmental education centre.

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Nature Kindergartens by Claire Warden

14 November 2011
Nature Kindergartens

It’s about allowing children to make connections and learn through play and being in nature.

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Lessons in life principles from the Okanagan people

23 October 2011
Okanagan Life Principles

Community philosophy approach and education systems.

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Measuring Sticks

20 October 2011
Measuring Sticks

The real objects we treasure have a personal value.

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Bringing nature into a Czech Nursery

5 October 2011
Rope Trail

Outdoor spaces in a Czech nursery school.

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An unofficial natural playspace

5 October 2011
Rothay Park

In Rothay Park, Ambleside.

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Woods for Learning: St Mungo Primary

18 August 2011
St Mungo Forest Classroom

Read, enjoy and be inspired to take your children to the woods this year…

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Red Squirrels

27 July 2011

Red squirrels can be the starter for lessons around biodiversity.

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Making a pond from a tyre

23 July 2011
Tyre Pond

A simple idea for lazy gardeners!

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Nature Design Principles

11 April 2011
Play Themes

Children from anywhere have play themes in common.

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Planters, containers and raised beds

5 April 2011
Gardening with Children

Advice for gardening with children using raised beds and planters.

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Sticks in School

2 February 2011
Sticks in School

Sticks are not a commonly used resource in most schools.

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Sea Glass

2 December 2010
Sea Glass

Sea glass is broken glass that has been tumbled about by the water, waves and sand.

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Nature Detectives

1 November 2010
Nature Detectives

Immediately the MI5 agent within me woke up and sprung into action.

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Celebrating Trees and Children

15 October 2010
Thinking Time in a Tree

“To climb a tree is for a man to discover a new world”

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Leaf Logic

8 October 2010
Leaf Logic

Logic, thinking and strategy activity for outdoor learning with leaves.

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The Good, the Bad and the Fungi

2 October 2010
Fly Agaric

It’s that time of year when fungi pop up everywhere!

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Gardening at Inveraray Primary School

5 September 2010
Inveraray Gardening

Gardening is a key feature and a core part of children’s outdoor experiences at Inveraray.

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A Celebration of Biodiversity at Inveraray Primary School

1 September 2010
Inveraray Biodiversity

Developing school grounds can increase biodiversity.

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