A Number Pebble Game

13 May 2014
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Recently I was browsing Childhood 101’s blog and stumbled across this post about using Uno to play an attribute game. It reminded me of several summers of serious card playing where my sisters and I played a lot of “Black Jack” which is similar to Uno but uses a regular pack of playing cards.  Naturally […]

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Celebrating 100 Days at School

4 February 2014
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How many days has it been since your class returned to school last August or September? You may need to do some counting on a calendar. For schools in Aberdeen City this is Friday 7th February.   Naturally this is a lovely opportunity to celebrate all things 100 and of course going outside as part […]

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Algebraic Equations

6 January 2013
Algebraic Equations

The idea of objects representing numbers is not new and works well for reinforcing basic numeracy skills.

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Outdoor Maths: Angles and Numerals

7 November 2012
Angles Maths Outdoors

Sticks + Angles = Wood + Maths Outdoors

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