Phlip-ing Photos

20 August 2013
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Turns any photo into a puzzle.

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Eye Painting

12 August 2013
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Use this app to paint with your eye not your fingers

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Foraging for Fruit – A Way to Love Gardening

25 July 2013
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Summer time… and the living is easy

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Photo Collages as Keepsakes

15 June 2013
Photo Collages

To discard these photos I feel can be inconsiderate of the child’s time and efforts.

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Investigating Symmetry Outdoors Using Photo Booth

24 May 2013
Symmetry and Reflections

Following up on challenges and activities to further develop children’s core skills.

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Plant ID in a Parallel Universe

18 May 2013

Creating a “Top Trumps” type of database appeals to some children. Points can be awarded based on the plants characteristics.

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Photo Booth Outside

11 May 2013
Photo Booth

Getting swirly and twirly with Photo Booth.

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