Tyres in School Grounds

1 October 2017

Updated post – new research, painting, etc.

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Slide Mountain – Where Geology Meets Play

2 April 2016
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A must visit for kids in Madrid

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Cramond Primary School: A Play Landscape

19 March 2016
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An embankment of play possibilities

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Bosque de Trepa, Madrid – Not a High Ropes Course!

24 October 2015
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A challenging rope playground!

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The Biggest Splash

23 July 2014
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With the summer holidays here, the sun shining over Scotland and the Commonwealth Games starting this week, I thought it might be fun to share some water games and activities devised by Early Years Practitioners on a course a couple of months ago. After all there nothing like developing a few fringe sporting activities to […]

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Snow Fun: 15+ Ideas

5 January 2014
Snow Angel

Wrap up warm and enjoy learning outdoors in the white stuff!

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10 Ideas for Playing in Long Grass

27 August 2013
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Long grass – a “must have” play resource

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House of Fun

22 July 2013
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Loose Parts + A Climbing Frame = A House of Fun

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Lunch Time Play at Inverallochy School

18 July 2013
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What is play provision like at your school? Have a look at what happens at Inverallochy School…

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Beach Play – 10 Ideas

5 July 2013
Beach Play

With the summer holidays either approaching or begun, then there is nothing better than a visit to the seaside.

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Do teenagers need places to play?

25 June 2013
Do teenagers need places to play?

What do you think?

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A Play Strategy for Scotland – Is it good enough for our kids?

22 June 2013
Outdoor Play Rights

“We want Scotland to be the best place to grow up.”

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Wood Logs and Lumps in Schools

8 June 2013
Wood Logs in School

In recent years moveable wooden disks, logs and planks have begun to make an appearance.

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10 Ideas for Mud Play

4 June 2013
International Mud Day

29th June is International Mud Day…enjoy the mudfest with these ideas to celebrate mud!

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10 Little Stick Activities

26 April 2013
Stick Box

Sticks are possibly the most versatile play resource that nature ever invented.

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Free Play Adventures at Broxburn OOSC

16 April 2013

This was my introduction to Broxburn Family Centre’s Out of School Care.

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Natural Elements in Playgrounds

4 April 2013
Out on a limb

This is a guest blog post by Frode Svane, an architect and a pedagog.

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10 Rock, Pebble and Stone Play Ideas

26 March 2013
Pebble Play

Pebbles, stones and rocks – ideas for learning and play activites.

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Is Free Play a Legitimate Learning Experience?

5 March 2013
Free Play

What do you think about the Engage for Education blog post?

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Keeping Parents Informed About Outdoor Learning

2 March 2013
Operation Eco Allochy

How do you communicate with parents about your outdoor learning initiatives?

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10 Puddle Play Investigations

23 February 2013
Puddle Play

10 ideas for science outdoors investigating puddles.

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Shadow Play – 10 Ideas

29 January 2013
Shadow Play

One of the best things about winter are the bright, cold, cloudless days. They are perfect for investigating shadows.

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Willow Lattice Arches and Panels

19 December 2012
Willow Arch

Different ideas for using willow arches in school grounds.

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The One About The Plastic Pipes

12 December 2012

If you ever pass by a building site, have a quick look.

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The Black Suitcase

10 December 2012
Black Suitcase

A simple black suitcase can be an incredibly useful play resource.

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The Glamis Monster

3 November 2012
Glamis Monster

One of the most impressive low level features at Glamis Adventure Playground is the monster.

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Swings and Things in the Glamis Adventure Playground

12 October 2012
Glamis Adventure Playground Swings

There are 13 different types of swing at this playground.

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Stump Holes for Play

19 September 2012
Tree Stumps

The play potential is vast with tree stumps.

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A Recycled Sandpit Kitchen

13 September 2012
Sandpit Kitchen

Child-friendly playspaces are there to be celebrated.

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Outdoor Play with Bread Crates

5 September 2012
Bread Crates

Bread crates have to be one of the toughest and most versatile resources around.

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Real Boats in School Grounds

18 July 2012

Boats in school grounds are a magnet for play and learning.

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Happiness is a Hammock

14 April 2012
Happy Hammock

There is an element of unpredictability is learning outdoors.

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Wild about this space

10 March 2012

Play spaces of exploration, discovery and challenge.

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Amazing Mazes

29 February 2012

Mazes from ropes, hoops, chalk trails and more…

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Children who swear by nature

1 January 2012
The Star

Truth be told, a lot of children aren’t that interested in nature.

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Living in a Box

17 December 2011
The Star

I have a dubious theory about all the box metaphors used in eduworld and beyond.

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Toulcuv Dvur Nursery in the Czech Republic

22 November 2011
Digging Area

Best described as an urban environmental education centre.

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Nature Kindergartens by Claire Warden

14 November 2011
Nature Kindergartens

It’s about allowing children to make connections and learn through play and being in nature.

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A Portable Water Wall

16 October 2011
Portable Water Wall

Portable water walls which children could create themselves.

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The tripod made from guttering

13 October 2011
Guttering Tripod

I love how ideas can be cross-pollinated, used, changed, adapted and turned through play into all sorts of explorations.

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