When Children Need the Toilet Outdoors

19 July 2014
The Star

Outdoor toilets – what to do…

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Waldkindergarten – Forest Kindergarten in Germany

9 February 2013
Forest Kindergarten

Today there are more than 1000 Forest Kindergartens in Germany. They enjoy great popularity and their waiting lists are long.

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Kate Greenaway Nursery – A Special Place for Special People

6 October 2012
Kate Greenaway Nursery

The Kate Greenaway Nursery has been on my “must visit” list.

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Stump Holes for Play

19 September 2012
Tree Stumps

The play potential is vast with tree stumps.

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A Recycled Sandpit Kitchen

13 September 2012
Sandpit Kitchen

Child-friendly playspaces are there to be celebrated.

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A Forest Kindergarten Session

25 February 2012
Forest Kindergarten

Give children the opportunity to experience a little wilderness.

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A Swedish Förskola

1 February 2012

A photo tour of an outdoor nursery in Sweden.

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Progression in Using Places for Learning and Playing Outdoors

29 December 2011
Sense of Place

When we lose our sense of place, we lose our feelings for place.

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Toulcuv Dvur Nursery in the Czech Republic

22 November 2011
Digging Area

Best described as an urban environmental education centre.

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Nature Kindergartens by Claire Warden

14 November 2011
Nature Kindergartens

It’s about allowing children to make connections and learn through play and being in nature.

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Inside an Outdoor Pre-school in Sweden

5 November 2011
Mulleborg Cloakroom

It is interesting to see what the indoor space can look like.

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Outdoor Music Wall

28 October 2011
Music Wall

Making music outdoors with different materials.

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Czech Pre-schools – A Forest Project for All

26 October 2011
Forest School Activity Book

A German model of forest school is being given serious consideration by environmental organisations.

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Bringing nature into a Czech Nursery

5 October 2011
Rope Trail

Outdoor spaces in a Czech nursery school.

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Outdoor Art: Felting Stones

10 September 2011
Felted Stones

Felting stones is a really simple activity to do outside.

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Mulleborg – an Outdoor Swedish Pre-school

7 September 2011

Children spend 80% of their time outside, all year round – in ALL weathers!

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Outdoor Maths: Measuring the Size of Sticks

3 September 2011
Measuring Sticks Maths

A simple activity for learning about measuring using…sticks!

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Outdoor Literacy: Introducing letters

30 August 2011
Outdoor Letters

There are many multisensory activities which can help children recognise letters.

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Nets for Outdoor Play, Display and Learning

21 August 2011

Nets are a forgotten resource that have tremendous value in education and play settings.

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The Place for Stones: Cowgate U5’s Centre

11 August 2011
Cowgate Stones

Beautiful stones in every nook and cranny!

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Cowgate Under 5’s Centre – Come and Look!

7 August 2011
Cowgate Nursery

Capturing the ethos and values of this city nursery.

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The Cowgate Community Garden Party

4 August 2011
Investing In Children Award

Cowgate Under 5’s Centre celebrates their Investing in Children award.

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Schemas Outside – Help!

13 July 2011

Creating interesting challenges and possible lines of development in the schemas for outdoor activities.

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A Laminated Leaf Hunt

10 July 2011
Laminated Leaves

Laminated leaves are quite different to the growing plants in the garden.

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Circle Poems in Action

13 May 2011
Circle Poems

Children’s words can be used to create forms and patterns.

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More Masking Tape

16 March 2011
More Masking Tape

Masking tape makes me realise why learning through play is what it’s really all about.

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The Magic of Masking Tape

12 March 2011
Masking Tape

My love affair with masking tape is an exception to this self-imposed rule.

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Blue tarp on a windy day

5 March 2011
Windy Blue Tarp

Blue tarps and wind makes for an interesting play session.

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Guttering in Pre-school

2 March 2011
Guttering in Pre-School

Guttering seems to aid natural cooperation.

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Blue tarp

20 February 2011
Blue Tarp Ideas

If you have a blue tarp, how do you use yours?

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Hand hygiene outdoors

20 January 2011
Hand Hygiene Outdoors

Removing one of the barriers to learning outdoors.

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Outdoor Play at Cowgate Under 5’s Centre

21 May 2010
Cowgate Nursery

This is the entrance to the magical, yet very real, world of Cowgate Under 5’s Centre.

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Smartsack – a portable storage solution

22 March 2010

Bags of bags for carrying all and sundry.

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ICT Outdoors in the Early Years

5 October 2009
The Star

Use digital technology for learning outdoors with these ideas.

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26 September 2009
The Star

Using a walkodile may make a difference.

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Snow of wonder, snow of joy!

4 December 2008
The Star

Snow provides fantastic learning opportunities.

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