Multiplication Pebbles

14 June 2015
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Multiplication pebbles are a very simple resource. I have put 10 pebbles in one bag to represent the 3 times table. As illustrated above, each pebbles has the number 3 painted on it with acrylic deco pens. Each pebble is a different colour.

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Dry Creeks and Streams

25 April 2015
School Grounds Stones

Dry streams provide inspiration for developing an outdoor learning space.

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White Line Pebble Maths

12 July 2014
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It’s hard not to be inspired by pebbles. You pick them up, you look at them and they speak silently to you in ways that words can’t describe. They are inexplicably powerful. Sometimes one ends up in your pocket. Other times they get dropped and moved around by our actions as well as that of […]

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A Number Pebble Game

13 May 2014
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Recently I was browsing Childhood 101’s blog and stumbled across this post about using Uno to play an attribute game. It reminded me of several summers of serious card playing where my sisters and I played a lot of “Black Jack” which is similar to Uno but uses a regular pack of playing cards.  Naturally […]

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10 Rock, Pebble and Stone Play Ideas

26 March 2013
Pebble Play

Pebbles, stones and rocks – ideas for learning and play activites.

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Weathering and Cracks

23 January 2011
Weathering and Cracks

Change is happening all around us. Natural processes are constantly at work.

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Geology at The Coombes School

28 August 2010
Coombes School Geology

Rocks and landscape projects tend to be hugely popular with children.

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Still on Stones!

17 June 2010
Maths Stones

I’m wondering whether I’m going through a rocky time…

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This place still rocks

5 April 2009
The Star

The EU have yet to work out a way of standardising rocks and boulders.

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Reflections on Rock Collections

30 March 2009
The Star

Everybody needs a rock!

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