Wood Logs and Lumps in Schools

8 June 2013
Wood Logs in School

In recent years moveable wooden disks, logs and planks have begun to make an appearance.

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Park Benches and Staring at Screens

21 May 2013
London Parks

London parks are oases of calm and contemplation amidst the busy background hum of traffic and other ongoing noise.

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The Moveable Bench

2 June 2012
Moveable Bench

There is something profound about a moving bench.

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Outdoor learning, Eco-Guilt and Portable Seats

2 October 2011
Eco Seat

What would you do to re-use these seats?

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Outdoor Art: Using Gathered Wool to Make Felt

24 August 2011

Early summer is a good time to look for wool, as sheep begin to shed their coats.

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Using local materials and features in your playspace

31 July 2011
Local Materials

Bring local traditions and culture into the school grounds.

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Make your own outdoor seats

4 July 2011
Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seats are a necessity in most Scottish schools.

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Portable seats for outdoor learning

13 June 2011
Portable Seats

One helpful resource is comfy seating outside.

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How to make a felt outdoor seat

19 February 2010

For keeping bottom’s warm outdoors!

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Love your load

26 October 2008
The Star

Wide loads need love.

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