Stick Insect Symmetry

1 May 2016
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Maths-made insects based on word play.

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Leaf Fraction Walls

20 January 2016
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Take an idea and adapt it.

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Rainbow Maths Sticks

8 April 2014
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The mathematical potential of a stick never ceases to amaze me. Here’s my latest idea which is remarkably simple and came about owing to overhearing someone mention colour coding. You get some sticks. You paint the ends different colours. You play with them. You explore the potential for maths. That’s it. Experiment! Now if you […]

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The Mathematics of Festive Crafts

14 December 2013
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Recap the term’s work!

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Forest Threads

11 September 2013
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A wool and tree combo

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A Maths Stick Picture Game

30 April 2013

Sticks, children and maths outdoors are the perfect combination for learning!

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10 Little Stick Activities

26 April 2013
Stick Box

Sticks are possibly the most versatile play resource that nature ever invented.

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Shadow Play – 10 Ideas

29 January 2013
Shadow Play

One of the best things about winter are the bright, cold, cloudless days. They are perfect for investigating shadows.

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Stick Logic

26 January 2013
Stick Logic

Maths and sticks are the perfect combination for Maths Outdoors!

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Outdoor Maths: Angles and Numerals

7 November 2012
Angles Maths Outdoors

Sticks + Angles = Wood + Maths Outdoors

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Outdoor Maths: Right Angles

2 August 2012
Right Angles

Exploring 2D shapes and right angles outdoors.

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Outdoor Measuring Continues

4 July 2012
Outdoor Measuring

One metre length sticks are great for measuring outdoors.

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Stick stacking maths challenge

26 May 2012
Maths Sticks

Long live sticks! They make maths fanta-stick!

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Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Outdoor Activities

12 May 2012
Fractions Sticks

Sticks are stonking for working out fractions.

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Outdoor Maths: Creating 3D Shapes from Sticks

21 March 2012
Big Stick Net

Sticks are making maths ever-more interesting outside.

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Outdoor Maths: Fractals in Nature

12 February 2012

Fractals in nature, patterns with sticks…it’s all part of maths outdoors.

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How to Make a Fractal Dragon with Sticks

4 February 2012
Fractal Dragon

Now that the Chinese New Year has arrived, 2012 is officially the Year of the Dragon.

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Not a Stick! Making Sense of Metaphors

28 January 2012
Not a stick

Sticks can can help children develop their imagination through the use of metaphor.

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Outdoor literacy: Letters from Sticks!

25 November 2011
Letters from Sticks

Fred the Ted and sticks help with outdoor literacy learning.

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Making Maths Sticks

9 November 2011
Making Maths Sticks

Coppicing provides perfect sticks for maths outdoors.

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Measuring Sticks

20 October 2011
Measuring Sticks

The real objects we treasure have a personal value.

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Outdoor Maths: Measuring the Size of Sticks

3 September 2011
Measuring Sticks Maths

A simple activity for learning about measuring using…sticks!

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Outdoor Maths: Looking at different angles in nature

7 July 2011
Angle Sticks

A super lesson about angles.

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Outdoor Maths: Using sticks to understand fractions

11 June 2011
Fraction Sticks

A very simple outdoor challenge for children to try.

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Outdoor Maths: investigating right angles with sticks

22 May 2011
Right Angles with Sticks

The concept of a right angle can often stump children.

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An outdoor shape activity with sticks

19 May 2011
Outdoor Shapes with Sticks

The sticks are getting a serious amount of use at the moment.

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Number Bonds with Sticks

6 May 2011
Number Bonds with Sticks

Sticks are an essential resource for many outdoor activities.

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Scale and Geometric Patterns with Sticks

3 May 2011
Pattern Sticks

I do believe every school needs sticks!

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Making skeletons (using sticks)

30 April 2011
Stick Skeletons

This blog post is entirely inspired by Judy Duncan, a Primary 7 teacher at Kingswells Primary School in Aberdeen.

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Sticks in School

2 February 2011
Sticks in School

Sticks are not a commonly used resource in most schools.

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Music and Rhythm Outdoors at The Coombes School

15 August 2010
Coombes School Music

Home made instruments provide ample opportunities to learn about music outdoors.

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Collaborative Outdoor Play Ideas

25 May 2010
Shared Play

what ideas might you have for some collaborative play that could take place through the fence.

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Outdoor Journeys into Language

14 May 2010
Literacy outdoors

Journeys, micro-journeys and literacy activities for outdoors.

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