A Fish Trail not a Fishy Tale

21 July 2012
Fishy Trail

The Fish Trail shows just how creative a trail can be, enabling anyone to enjoy science, language, art, people and place.

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Literacy Trails in Outdoor Spaces

23 June 2012
Literacy Trails

Wherever you teach, the place has possibilities for trails of all sorts.

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The Easter Egg Trail

31 March 2012
Happy Easter

Ropes, chalk, painted stones and chocolate eggs!

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A rope trail for everyone

15 June 2011
Rope Trails

An old climbing rope is a wonderful resource and here it was used to good effect.

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A Harry Potter Hunt

23 March 2011
Harry Potter Hunt

A useful comprehension exercise with a bit of deduction thrown in for good measure.

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Snow stencils…and blood!

21 December 2010
Snow Stencils

Here’s what happened during my lunch break…

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