10 Ideas for Exploring Clouds

7 August 2016
Cloud Making

“A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed. It feels an impulsion. This is the place to go now.”

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10+ Ideas for Windy Days

29 November 2014
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Wind is any horizontal movement of air. It’s the result of differences in air pressure. Air likes to move from areas of high pressure to low pressure. This can be demonstrated with a balloon. Inside a blown-up balloon are lots of molecules – many more than outside the balloon so it is an area of […]

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The Weather Vanes of Nida

31 August 2014
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Most weather vanes are basic affairs. They are an arrow which points in the direction of the wind and with the compass directions at the bottom. The designs are usually fairly traditional stuff. All-in-all, my excitement levels about weather vanes has never been particularly high. My visit to Nida in Lithuania changed my mind. This pretty […]

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Have you got Wild Weather?

29 March 2013
Mud Slide

Ideas for wild weather situations.

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Indoor or Wet Breaks – A Dangerous Idea?

13 June 2012
Icy Weather

Indoors or out…weather, clothing and more.

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Blue tarp on a windy day

5 March 2011
Windy Blue Tarp

Blue tarps and wind makes for an interesting play session.

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Weathering and Cracks

23 January 2011
Weathering and Cracks

Change is happening all around us. Natural processes are constantly at work.

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Bad weather, clothes, activities and parents

10 January 2010
Winter Beach

There’s no such thing as bad weather….only the wrong clothes.

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Rain Makes Us Fat

10 January 2009
The Star

Vitamin D can be used as a slimming aid!

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