Literacy in the Woods at the Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery

6 December 2012
Literacy in the Woods

Reading and writing are complex processes.

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After the Storm – A Transient Art Project

26 October 2012
After the storm

Twenty-five years ago this month, storms ripped through the south of England causing massive disruption.

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Stump Holes for Play

19 September 2012
Tree Stumps

The play potential is vast with tree stumps.

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Displaying the potential of the outdoors inside

5 May 2012
Fairy Den

Durham Early Years Outdoors Conference – Stimulating Spaces.

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A Forest Kindergarten Session

25 February 2012
Forest Kindergarten

Give children the opportunity to experience a little wilderness.

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What do you seek in a wood for play?

22 February 2012
Woodland Arch

What features to consider in a wood for play purposes.

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Old and New Tree Stumps

15 January 2012
Old Tree Stumps

One of the best things about woodlands are the old tree stumps.

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Woods for Learning: St Mungo Primary

18 August 2011
St Mungo Forest Classroom

Read, enjoy and be inspired to take your children to the woods this year…

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A Leafy Tower of Hanoi

4 November 2010
Tower of Hanoi

Traditionally completed on rods with wooden discs, this one’s with leaves!

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Leaf Logic

8 October 2010
Leaf Logic

Logic, thinking and strategy activity for outdoor learning with leaves.

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Mud Pies – Family Adventures

2 August 2010
Mud Pies Adventures

I joined a Mud Pie session for some fun in the forest.

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The Fibonacci Sequence and Nature

6 May 2010
The Star

Introducing Fibonacci to young children.

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