Fostering Creativity through Outdoor Learning Course

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Primary and Early Years Courses

This highly motivating course ensures that teachers make the most of their teaching skills outside. We look at the use of natural materials and habitats, the role of free play in developing imagination and creativity, active problem solving, the benefits of and need for risk taking and using different environments as a context for developing thinking skills.

This course is particularly valuable for schools or settings looking at Building the Curriculum 4: Skills for Learning, Skills for Life and Skills for Work.


  • To enable practitioners to foster a creative approach to developing skills for learning, life and work
  • To provide practical ideas for nurturing and developing children’s creative skills
  • To make the most of the unique and special nature of the outdoors as a context for fostering creativity

Duration: 1/2 day or 2.5hrs twilight session

Part of the training takes place outside, regardless of the weather. Participants must be prepared for this and wear appropriate footwear and clothing.

Although the aims are similar the course has appropriately differentiated activities for Early Level. The course can be run for a mix of primary and pre-school practitioners or tweaked specifically to suit the needs of either sector.

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