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27 August 2011 · 2 comments

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Over this weekend, a special event is happening here in Sweden just outside Stockholm. The first International Skogsmulle training course is taking place.

“Kollikok!” is Skogsmulle’s call and is used to gather children!
15 participants from 8 different countries have come together to look at leading groups of children in nature. Whilst it may be described as “Swedish Forest School” I think it’s important to note that it is about working with children in a variety of habitats. There just happens to be a lot of woodland in Sweden. It is also a different course to the UK OCN Forest School Leader qualifications.

And here we all are! England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Russia, Latvia, Canada and Trinidad & Tobago
It was Gösta Frohm, who came up with the idea which has grown into a hugely popular national activity. Over one quarter of the Swedish population having attended Skogsmulle activities as young children. More information about the development of Skogsmulle and Gösta Frohm will be found in Outdoor Learning Past and Present by Rosaleen Joyce when it is published in 2012.

Introducing ourselves to each other via a Skogsmulle puppet
In 1986, the first I Ur och Skur (In Rain or Shine) nursery opened and this led to a movement that has resulted in more than 190 nurseries and 20 primary schools that are based upon Skogsmulle pedagogy being established in Sweden. For more information about the I Ur och Skur schools, have a look at the Swedish Forest Schools reports which I wrote the last time I visited Sweden.

So this is history in the making. The trainer’s manual has been translated into English and the days are full of activities. Watch this space!

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Jinny July 9, 2012 at 09:39

Hi! Do you happen to know how I can apply for the training course? I tried to see if they have one thus year but could not find any information. Do you know who I could contact. If so, can you email me at Thanks!


Juliet Robertson July 9, 2012 at 11:07

Hello Jinny

The Friluftsfamjandet organisation who oversee the Skogsmulle training are currently working on their international material and hope to start running courses again perhaps next year.

If you contact me via my website I can forward your details on to the relevant people in Sweden who can keep you updated.

Best wishes


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