March 2012

The Easter Egg Trail

31 March 2012
Happy Easter

Ropes, chalk, painted stones and chocolate eggs!

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Beware! Extreme Signage

28 March 2012

Instructions, warnings, ‘elf and safety – signs everywhere!

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Adventure Aberdeen’s Playground

24 March 2012
Adventure Aberdeen

Have a look at the refurbished Adventure Aberdeen playground.

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Outdoor Maths: Creating 3D Shapes from Sticks

21 March 2012
Big Stick Net

Sticks are making maths ever-more interesting outside.

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Labyrinths, spirals and rope

17 March 2012

Amazing mazes, labyrinths and mythical creatures.

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More about Transparent Tarp

14 March 2012
Transparent Tarp

My love affair with transparent tarp continues.

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Wild about this space

10 March 2012

Play spaces of exploration, discovery and challenge.

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The Snowdrop Story

7 March 2012

How the snowdrop came to be white…

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Reading Outside with Fred the Ted

3 March 2012
Fred the Ted reading

The children are extremely kind and considerate of Fred the Ted’s requests.

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