July 2014

Maisie’s Garden

30 July 2014
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Maisie’s Children’s Centre is an Aberdeen partner provider nursery. During the past year one part of their outdoor space as had a complete makeover. Here’s the before photo: And here’s the after photo. Both were taken by Pauline Smith 🙂 (Thanks for sending them to me)  I’m particularly pleased about this redesign for a number of reasons.Firstly, […]

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The Biggest Splash

23 July 2014
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With the summer holidays here, the sun shining over Scotland and the Commonwealth Games starting this week, I thought it might be fun to share some water games and activities devised by Early Years Practitioners on a course a couple of months ago. After all there nothing like developing a few fringe sporting activities to […]

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When Children Need the Toilet Outdoors

19 July 2014
The Star

Outdoor toilets – what to do…

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Love Trees, Love Wood

15 July 2014

Love Trees, Love Wood is a summer campaign to raise awareness of and support the development of Forest Schools within the UK. The Forest School Association (FSA) have joined forces with the Sylva Foundation to do a joint crowd-sourcing fundraising campaign. Forest School trainer, Aline Hill explains… “The campaign aims to extend quality Forest School provision for children, particularly in urban areas, […]

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White Line Pebble Maths

12 July 2014
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It’s hard not to be inspired by pebbles. You pick them up, you look at them and they speak silently to you in ways that words can’t describe. They are inexplicably powerful. Sometimes one ends up in your pocket. Other times they get dropped and moved around by our actions as well as that of […]

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Dirty Teaching Update

9 July 2014
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“We all know children need to get out more. They need more exercise, more real-life experiences, more opportunities to connect with the natural world. Their physical and mental health depend upon it, and so does their cognitive development. `Dirty Teaching` is a timely and powerful pedagogical text – inspiring, exciting, enlightening. It’s also highly accessible […]

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Happy Birthday Website

3 July 2014
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This new website is one year old today. It was the merging of my old Blogger “I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!” blog with my formal Creative STAR Learning website. I’m extremely grateful to Karen Wilde of Wildely Creative for her tireless work doing this and for her behind the scenes work this past […]

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