What We Do

Creative STAR Learning Ltd was established in 2007 by Juliet Robertson to provide Support, Training, Advice and Resources on almost all aspects of outdoor learning and play, hence the STAR in the company name. Juliet works behind the scenes supporting and developing outdoor learning and play at a national, local and school level mainly in Scotland. These can be small or large scale ventures, such as a half-day school visit to writing national outdoor learning documents over several months. Juliet also works throughout the UK and internationally providing inspirational training days. She has several associates and subcontracts to experts when the need arises for different projects.

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We offer training and professional development on many aspects of learning and play outdoors for the early years and primary sectors. Visit the training and support pages for more information.

We are passionate about motivating people to get children outside.

It’s about learning effectively and getting children engaged and connected to the world around them.

Much of our profit is reinvested into getting children outside and supporting people, groups and organisations to do this. Find out more about the enterprising side of this company here.

We look forward to working with you!

Early years or primary school?

Both. Juliet originally trained as a primary school teacher in Scotland which has enabled her to work with children aged 3-12yrs old. She continues to work 50/50 in both sectors. On top of this, Juliet is passionate about play which is a universal right of every child, irrespective of age. You will see these interests emerge in the variety of blog posts.

About Juliet

Juliet Robertson is the founder, lead consultant and trainer. She undertakes the bulk of the work and is your first point of contact. Find out more about Juliet’s background, skills and expertise.
Juliet is available for keynote speeches and conference work. She can happily talk about all sorts of learning and play outdoor themes.

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