Science Outdoors

Autumn Wires Featuring Berries

An engaging activity collecting berries and autumn fruits

Have you got Wild Weather?

29 March 2013
Mud Slide

Ideas for wild weather situations.

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10 Rock, Pebble and Stone Play Ideas

26 March 2013
Pebble Play

Pebbles, stones and rocks – ideas for learning and play activites.

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The Art of Plant Study Outside

9 March 2013
Plant Study

Art and science combine outdoors in the study of plants.

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10 Puddle Play Investigations

23 February 2013
Puddle Play

10 ideas for science outdoors investigating puddles.

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Shadow Play – 10 Ideas

29 January 2013
Shadow Play

One of the best things about winter are the bright, cold, cloudless days. They are perfect for investigating shadows.

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The Inside-Out Woolly Tree

25 November 2012
Woolly Tree

Guerilla knitters and yarn bombing.

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Making Spiders Webs Outside

7 July 2012
Making Spider's Webs

Spider’s webs made from ropes…fetching!

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Making skeletons (using sticks)

30 April 2011
Stick Skeletons

This blog post is entirely inspired by Judy Duncan, a Primary 7 teacher at Kingswells Primary School in Aberdeen.

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Weathering and Cracks

23 January 2011
Weathering and Cracks

Change is happening all around us. Natural processes are constantly at work.

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Magnifying Play

5 October 2010

Magnifying glasses of all shapes and sizes are a key outdoor learning resource.

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The Good, the Bad and the Fungi

2 October 2010
Fly Agaric

It’s that time of year when fungi pop up everywhere!

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Geology at The Coombes School

28 August 2010
Coombes School Geology

Rocks and landscape projects tend to be hugely popular with children.

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Guess what’s attached to this fence

20 June 2010
Purple Tubes

Look at these purple tubes. Anyone have any idea what their original purpose was?

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Let’s go fly a kite

14 April 2010
Fly a Kite

There’s a subtle to art to flying a kite.

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7 Listening Activities Outside

17 January 2010
The Star

What can be heard? Where is it from? Can you make a slug dance?

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Star Parties

18 December 2009
The Star

Astronomy in winter – darker skies earlier in the day.

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Time Outside

22 November 2009
The Star

Ideas and games for learning about time outdoors.

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Death, decay and new life

1 November 2009
Rosebay Willow Herb

Autumn – the dying season – is beautiful.

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Reflections on Rock Collections

30 March 2009
The Star

Everybody needs a rock!

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Snow of wonder, snow of joy!

4 December 2008
The Star

Snow provides fantastic learning opportunities.

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