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26 March 2016 · 2 comments

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Over Easter it can be fun to enjoy a few videos. I realise I’ve never posted ones which I love and enjoy. So, take a beverage of your choice, get comfy and enjoy the show.

Get ‘Em Outside

This was first outdoor video clip that I saw that I felt had a really positive approach to getting children and young people outside. Great to see teenagers experiencing outdoor lessons.


Middle of Nowhere

This is a 20-minute observational documentary of The Secret Garden Outdoor Nursery. Great for watching children play and to be left to play without an adult interrupting proceedings. Useful for all EY practitioners. I can’t embed this video.


Where the Hell is Matt 

Lots of different videos – good inspiration for the challenge of finding the best place to dance or to get children moving on cold days. A lot less preparation than dance flashes.

Nature RX

Spoof video about the benefits of nature – a light-hearted look at why nature helps! There are now two available and possibly more to come.

One Year in 40s

Very short time lapse video showing a year. Good talking point. Also inspiration for considering other time lapse features which children could undertake such as rotting fruit, snowballs, dandelion cycle, etc.

Broxburn Family Centre

Inspiring film of an out of school club that took the lead from children, providing increasingly adventurous activities. Began with outdoor snack – ended up skinning and cooking rabbits over a fire. Started with an ordinary slack line – now it’s 20 metres up high. Ordinary play workers who facilitate extraordinary play. The children are responsible, trusted and environmental awareness built into the routines.

Inspired Bicycles – Danny MacAskill 2009

Danny is well-known for his cycling achievements, not least on Skye. Passion creates possibility. How can we get children and young people passionate about the outdoors?

Persil “Dirt is Good” Advert

Short advert – one of a series produced by Persil but quite poignant, reflecting the disconnection children have and the need to get outside and experience life with all the senses.

Crimond School Grounds

In 2011, Grounds for Learning the Scottish school grounds charity organised a film project. The P6/7 class at Crimmond School in Aberdeenshire had one Flipcam and this is the film they planned, shot and edited involving the whole class and many more children. It was organised into sections – each group took a theme to plan and edit. Film works well outside – except on windy days as some parts of the film demonstrate.

Scrapstore Playpods in Action

This clip changed the how schools viewed playtimes. It was the instigator of many other playtime projects not least in Scotland. Whilst the Playpod itself is a very intensive option, Grounds for Learning, the Smart Play Network and many other local play organisations can now help schools to adopt this approach to play.


Urban Youth and Nature – Yusuf Burgess

A moving account of the impact of environmental and adventurous activities in supporting teenagers in Albany, Upstate New York. Yusuf takes a very holistic approach – hooks, programmes, pipes and partnerships. He gets street gangs to do the “X-Box De-Tox”


Learning in Nature: Upper Sturt Primary

In September 2015, Upper Sturt Primary emigrated outdoors. And never went back inside. It is a state school that puts nature and child-centred learning at the heart of all that it does.


Free the Kids – Dirt is Good

Another advert from Persil that makes the shocking point that more prisoners get more outdoor time than most children in the UK.


Sesame Street: Outdoors with Jason Mraz

Looking for a gentle song to get children singing about the benefits of being outdoors? Then this is it!

Season’s Greetings from Children & Nature Network

It’s another lovely outside song for children – not Christmassy either.


Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

A wee reminder that we are leaders and can make the most of the outdoors – Life is better on the outside.

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Dawn Crawford March 27, 2016 at 11:33

Thank you for the link to all of these wonderful videos.

Another great recommendation is a documentary by Suzanne Crocker called All the Time in the World. Suzanne and her family spend 9 months in the Yukon wilderness and Suzanne documents their stay. It will make your heart soar.

I’m not sure if Suzanne ever got a distributor for the film but she has shown it all over the world and it was recognized by David Suzuki.


Juliet Robertson March 27, 2016 at 16:44

Hello Dawn

Thanks so much for making this suggestion. I’ve had a look at the trailer and you are right – it is total amazing https://vimeo.com/105430884

Best wishes


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