Outdoor Maths: Angles and Numerals

7 November 2012 · 0 comments

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This is a very simple investigation using sticks lying around. It works particularly well with twigs or sticks which can be easily broken or snapped to size.

The challenge is to create the numerals from 1-9 with sticks. Now that is a nice challenge in the early years which can be made harder by seeing if it is possible to make number 1 with just 1 stick, number 2 with 2 sticks, number 3 with 3 sticks. This does take a bit of lateral thinking.

A similar challenge for older children who are learning about acute and obtuse angles is to make each numeral have the same number of acute, obtuse or right angles. The photos below illustrate this. For quick reference, I put a red plastic blob at every acute angle, a blue blob for every right angle and a green blob for every obtuse angle. I’m sure your children could come up with a more natural alternative…

The sticks have been put on an old sheet so that it is easier to see them. I know this activity will lead to a lot of discussion about accuracy of the angles. It may be worth having a few protractors just so that children can measure any angles which cause a debate. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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