29th June is International Mud Day

I have to admit I’m pretty lousy at remembering different days, so I thought I would prepare well in advance.  Enjoy the mud fest folks!

The Secret Gardeners enjoying a muddy puddle!

Mud Mapping

Find all the muddy places nearby. Look for hidden nooks and crannies between rocks. Check near puddles. Test each mud patch and rate in terms of squelch, ooze and stickiness. Mark each spot on a map with a splodge of mud!

Dinosaur Swamp

If you have a pocketful of dinosaurs then let them hang out in the mud for a while. Like hippos, they enjoy wallowing in mud. Put little twigs, ferns and big leaves sticking upright. This creates a miniature “Jurassic Park.”

Alternatively, take your favourite plastic animals to a watering hole and let them wallow in the nearby mud. Wash well afterwards. Create a mini mud world for them to live in.

Missing Mud

How can you make a patch of mud go away?

Mud Between the Toes

On hot days it can be very cooling to let your feet have a mud bath. Watch them dry and crack in the sun before washing off in a stream or under water. Make muddy footprints.

Find a patch of mud to walk through in your bare feet. How can you make the mud ooze between your toes?

Mud Pie Masterchef

Some make pies. Others make soup. Lots like stew. Whatever you like to eat, it can be made in a mud kitchen. Hot chocolate anyone?

Making Mud

What is the perfect recipe for a batch of mud? One dollop of clay? Add in a scoop of soil, mix well with dripped in water? You decide. Hold a mud making competition.

Drippy Castles

Scoop up a handful of wet, dripping mud. Turn your hand upside down. Let the mud drip through your fingers and thumb to the ground. Soon little mound will form which will grow in size as you add more drippy mud. Real mud experts will be able to create little mud spires and peaks. Make a line or circle of drippy castles.

Flat as a Pancake

Make your mud patch as smooth as a skating rink. Then decide how you are going to mess it up…

Smell Mud

What does mud smell like? Is it possible to change the smell of a batch of mud and how could you do this?

The Stuck in the Mud Stomp

Take your favourite mud song and have a muddy, stompy sing-a-long! Act out the different animals and how they would squelch and squerch in the mud.

Finally, back in 2011 a lot of bloggers signed up to a blog hop for celebrating mud. If you scroll to the bottom of this post you will find lots and lots of links to other muddy ideas.

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daisy broomfield June 5, 2013 at 08:11

Loads of great ideas! We love mud. I’ve put a link to your post at the bottom of mine about mud, hope that’s ok.


tahirih michot June 5, 2013 at 08:19

So fantastic! Thank you for sharing you ideas. I am going to be running a children’s holiday programme through Elemental Kids in Cape Town at the end of the month where children will be creating their own mud festival! These ideas are going to be very helpful 🙂


anita February 14, 2015 at 09:05

fantastic ideas i had no idea we had an international mud day , i will be having great fun promoting this ensuring all my nursery , preschool and reception children fully participate.


Juliet Robertson February 14, 2015 at 13:53

Hi Anita – It’s a celebration which has grown year on year but I believe was begun by the Nature Action Collaborative.


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