Kickstarting a Whole School Approach to Gardening

30 June 2015
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Last week I had the privilege of visiting Riverbank Primary School in Aberdeen to be one of several judges of the trug gardening competition. This year, the school decided that it would be a great way to celebrate the outdoor spaces and raise awareness of the benefits of gardening.

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The Urban Beach Visits

27 November 2013
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Find nature in the heart of a city

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Mud Pies – Family Adventures

2 August 2010
Mud Pies Adventures

I joined a Mud Pie session for some fun in the forest.

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Thinking, Learning, Playing!

18 May 2009
The Star

Aberdeen City Early Years conference.

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Reinventing the wheel

10 October 2008
The Star

I want to see more children cycling around in Scotland.

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