Introducing Sammy the 1-metre Rope Snake

12 January 2016
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Every educator’s mathematical friend

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Free Play Adventures at Broxburn OOSC

16 April 2013

This was my introduction to Broxburn Family Centre’s Out of School Care.

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Making a Zip Wire

7 April 2013
How to make a zip wire

Experimenting with ropes, pulleys, tyres and more to make a zip wire.

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A Hammock Made Out of a Tarp

19 February 2013

Turning tarps into hammocks is the equivalent of a gym session outdoors!

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Making Spiders Webs Outside

7 July 2012
Making Spider's Webs

Spider’s webs made from ropes…fetching!

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Happiness is a Hammock

14 April 2012
Happy Hammock

There is an element of unpredictability is learning outdoors.

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The Easter Egg Trail

31 March 2012
Happy Easter

Ropes, chalk, painted stones and chocolate eggs!

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Labyrinths, spirals and rope

17 March 2012

Amazing mazes, labyrinths and mythical creatures.

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Amazing Mazes

29 February 2012

Mazes from ropes, hoops, chalk trails and more…

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Reflections on Ropes

11 December 2011

Ropes are a useful play resource in so many ways.

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Nets for Outdoor Play, Display and Learning

21 August 2011

Nets are a forgotten resource that have tremendous value in education and play settings.

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Using local materials and features in your playspace

31 July 2011
Local Materials

Bring local traditions and culture into the school grounds.

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A rope trail for everyone

15 June 2011
Rope Trails

An old climbing rope is a wonderful resource and here it was used to good effect.

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Messy Maths Outdoors

19 March 2011
Messy Maths Outdoors

Making learning maths outdoors fun!

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Big Rope Play

8 March 2011
Big Rope Play

The use of a big old climbing rope was an experiment for me.

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Who Says Adults Don’t Play

30 January 2011
Adults Play

These adults know how to have fun!

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Collaborative Outdoor Play Ideas

25 May 2010
Shared Play

what ideas might you have for some collaborative play that could take place through the fence.

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