Outdoor Weaving Inspiration

8 September 2016
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Lots of ideas – enjoy!

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Peg Loom Seats

7 August 2014
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Several years ago I blogged about peg loom weaving. This may not seem obviously outdoorsy but it is. The looms are simple to use and any long strands can be woven through the pegs including plastic bags, long grasses, plant stems and gathered wool. The looms are very portable and can be taken outside and […]

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Inspiration and action to change an outdoor space

12 June 2013
JC Waterwall

Black Horse Hill Infant School are inspired to use a bit of imagination to make changes to their outdoor space.

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Outdoor Art: Using Peg Looms to Weave

23 September 2011
Outdoor Peg Loom

Weaving with a peg loom – from fleece to rug.

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