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Mirrors have interesting light-reflecting properties. Put a mirror in a natural space and you may struggle to find it again as it can be so good at camouflaging and blending into the scenery. Often the only clue is that when you glance over a mirror, something seems ever so slightly amiss.

Vestige 8

Looking at the woodland above, it seems like any other woodland walk. However turn your head to the left and you see a glimmer of several body silhouettes.

Vestige 7

These mirror figures are a piece of sculpture called Vestige created by Rob Mulholland. They are there as reminders to past land use and history of the local landscape and the people who used to occupy the crofts.

Vestige 5

They are traces of what has been – a memory of past lives here in the present. The reflective properties of the mirrors means that they can only just be seen at times. You get a glimpse. And then you don’t!

Vestige 3

From behind, the sculptures look more ghost-like. Reassuringly there was nothing creepy about them.

Mirror people 1

Naturally a similar concept can be applied to working with children using little mirror people which can be hidden around the outdoor space. Looking at the photo above, there are two people hidden – can you see them both?

Mirror People 2

A game of hide ‘n’ seek can happen where children can enjoy hiding and finding the little people. Makeshift people can be created using tin foil and cardboard.

Mirror people 6

Basically everyone can enjoy the fascination of mirrors outdoors – hooray!

Mirror people 3

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